“There are more women than men” a very common statement among young men these days, some will even go as far as quoting Isaiah 4:1, but i can categorically tell you that, the number of men of marriageable age are currently more than those of women, even here in Nigeria. The reason why men seems to be more than men is because of the economic situation, the men who are due for marriage are not able to take the steps because of their financial situation.

My point here is not about the economy, but about the fact that a lot of young men are getting it all wrong. If these young men can divert half of the energy they are using, trying to make money, get a 3 bedroom apartment, buy a car… bla bla… to making sure they get the right woman, getting to the desired destination will be shorter and less rigorous.

Good women dont marry just for money, money is just an icing on the cake for real women, and when you find one, she will join you to work on a better future and your speed will increase. The right two will always be better than one. “Make money and get any woman you want” is the beginning of a lifetime mistake and marital failure. you dont believe my first statement? Google is your friend. Wont you rather get a good woman who will build with you? Register now at: