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Welcome, you are in the right place! You are obviously here because you are searching for true love, real love, genuine love, lasting love.

We are here to help you find your heart desire. Intimate matchmaking is not just your conventional or traditional matchmaking site, we carefully help you make the right choice of a lasting and fulfilling marriage, we are divinely positioned to bridge the gap between you and your soul mate.

How do you make the best of choices?
You can't get the best for yourself if you don't know yourself, this is what makes intimate matchmaking distinct, we don't just match you, we help you to discover yourself in order to make an appropriate, lasting and compatible choice.

This is a few minutes survey that will help us to know you at a deeper level and have a better understanding of whom you are. It's a bit detailed and comprehensive, but consider it an exercise of self discovery, after all, marriage is a long time commitment and should be handled properly.

Make this a strong foundation of your marital destiny by answering the questions appropriately, don't get worried, it's gonna be fun.

Be genuine, be yourself, you are distinct.
The truthful you are about this, the better for everyone. Don't get worked up about the questions, it is not an examination you can complete it anywhere, wether on your mobile or other devices.

The essence is to match you with your most compatible partner, instead of the conventional popular trial by error matchmaking styles used by other matchmaking sites.

Compatibility matching module.

Try it out, it's fun, it's easy, it's a journey to self discovery and channel to make the right choice.....


How much do you know yourself?

Unraveling the you in you.

After taking the questionnaire, we gain a deeper understanding of who you are and who matches best with you. You also get to know yourself better with your personality profile. This is a special tool for getting it right in marriage - because the more you know about yourself the more you will understand the kind of partner you need to complement you.

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