Intimate match is distinct and result oriented, that is why this is not just about matching people but getting the best of marriages that can never end in divorce. It is Therefore important that the rules and regulations guiding this services is well understood. We believe the people who are here are those who are seriously in need of a partner and are genuinely ready to settle down. 

1. You cannot talk to more than three people at a time. Our compatibility matching module will automatically take you to a section where you can meet only your compatible matches, So we take the huge burden of surfing the Internet for hours without result off you. Out of your compatible matches, you select only three who meets your desired criteria.

2. You can only chat with three matches for two weeks. We believe you must have made up your mind after two weeks of meeting your three compatible matches on which of them will best suit you. You are not allow to keep chatting with the three for more than two weeks.

3. Status change. As soon as you made up your mind on which of your compatible matches you want to continue with, your status automatically changed from available to matched. 


If you considered yourself a VIP, Celebrities, Politicians, CEOs, Religious leaders etc who will want to meet someone in the same category, this is just right for you.

Intimate match Services for VIPs are more exclusive and comes with a lot of benefits.

* You receive special gift on your birthday.

* You are entitled to a session of private counseling with the CEO.

* You can be matched with people in any of the categories of your choice.

* You have unlimited access to members.



The story of a client who came to see Dr. Tolu for counseling birthed this matchmaking type. Dr. Tolu understands the peculiarity of the cases of those living with HIV until a pretty lady came for a counseling section, According to her Zainab is a very beautiful lady from the northern part of the country, highly educated and extremely beautiful, she's any man's dream. She has lost three suitors and the fourth one was gradually slipping off her fingers when she came for counseling, she was all in tears, " I love him, I want him, I want to be his wife and I want to spend the rest of my life with him but I couldn't" . These are Dr. Tolus words after listening to Zainab; I never imagined how difficult it could be for people living with HIV to get a life partner until I listened to Zainab, especially in Africa with so much ignorance and discrimination, the questions of will he marry me if I tell him/her is a very huge one.

The desire to help people in this category prompted special intimate match, this category is strictly for people living with HIV. You can live your normal life, get married and have children without getting worried about how to spill the milk. HIV is not death warrant.



This is a basic membership plan for everyone. You can only view and be connected to people in this category alone. Intimate match Services for Basic Membership Plan is a good place to start.



This category is for people who want exclusive private service and will not like to be registered on the website. This service gives you the oppurtunity to be matched by the CEO and remove the rigour of coming online to do it yourself. This package comes with alot of benefits:

*All your matches have been vetted for interest in you, no need for trying to get their attentions online again.

*No more hoping and praying your match wants to meet you.

*More varied and deeper options from the list of match plus members

* Personal interaction with the CEO who works with you through every step of your search.

* Freedom from your computer – no updating profiles, managing matches or juggling communication.