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Intimate match is distinct and result oriented, that is why this is not just about matching people but getting the best of marriages that can never end in divorce. It is Therefore important that the rules and regulations guiding this services is well understood. We believe the people who are here are those who are seriously in need of a partner and are genuinely ready to settle down.

1. You cannot talk to more than three people at a time. Our compatibility matching module will automatically take you to a section where you can meet only your compatible matches, So we take the huge burden of surfing the Internet for hours without result off you. Out of your compatible matches, you select only three who meets your desired criteria.

2. You can only chat with three matches for two weeks. We believe you must have made up your mind after two weeks of meeting your three compatible matches on which of them will best suit you. You are not allow to keep chatting with the three for more than two weeks.

3. Status change. As soon as you made up your mind on which of your compatible matches you want to continue with, your status automatically changed from available to matched.

Intimate Matchmaking is not just a dating site, its a traditional, strict and result oriented matchmaking site that tries to correct the mistakes of other dating sites and achieve the idea of “strictly for marriage” website. In fact, Intimacy Network opened a free dating site in 2010, but the result wasn’t impressive, withing 6 months, there are about 0ne million members, majority breaking peoples heart and doing all sorts of funny stuffs, a scenario which is uncommon in free dating sites. We believed that, when people pays for services, they take it more serious. The aim of Intimate Matchmaking is to achieve a matchmaking site with integrity, free of scams and unserious elements. A website that is safe for everyone irrespective of their cultures, religions and nationalities.

That could be possible because some of the pictures are not the real picture of the people, but the stories are true success stories of Intimate Matchmaking. We encourage people to allow the website to use their pictures and there’s a gift attached to that, but until then, success stories of people who doesn’t want their pictures posted for privacy reasons will be posted with online picture.

You can't get the best for yourself if you don't know yourself, this is what makes intimate matchmaking distinct, we don't just match you, we help you to discover yourself in order to make an appropriate, lasting and compatible choice.

This is a few minutes survey that will help us to know you at a deeper level and have a better understanding of whom you are. It's a bit detailed and comprehensive, but consider it an exercise of self discovery, after all, marriage is a long time commitment and should be handled properly.

Make this a strong foundation of your marital destiny by answering the questions appropriately, don't get worried, it's gonna be fun.

Be genuine, be yourself, you are distinct.
The truthful you are about this, the better for everyone. Don't get worked up about the questions, it is not an examination you can complete it anywhere, wether on your mobile or other devices.

The essence is to match you with your most compatible partner, instead of the conventional popular trial by error matchmaking styles used by other matchmaking sites.

Compatibility matching module.

Try it out, it's fun, it's easy, it's a journey to self discovery and channel to make the right choice.....


How much do you know yourself?

Unraveling the you in you.

After taking the questionnaire, we gain a deeper understanding of who you are and who matches best with you. You also get to know yourself better with your personality profile. This is a special tool for getting it right in marriage - because the more you know about yourself the more you will understand the kind of partner you need to complement you.

From my experience with people living with HIV, i discovered that, its more difficult for them to get married than we thought.

A young lady who fell in love with a man who was also helplessly in love with her came to my office for counseling. The guy was begging for her hand in marriage, he wants to meets her parents, but shes HIV positive and has not opened up to the guy, she’s also worried because they are both workers in a big church.

She felt if she opened up, it might become a scandal in the church and people might start discriminating against her and she simply told the guy she cant marry her. She couldn’t get over the pain of loosing her dream man and was slipping into depression when she came to my office for counseling. It was a tough situation right?

That was the 4th scenario exactly as at then, i mean of people that actually came to my office for this same situation. This brought my attention to how difficult it might be to get married when you are positive.

Don’t get me wrong, we all know that being positive is not the end of the world, and that people living with a HIV can live their normal life, but when it get the junction of “will you marry me” its always a difficult situation.

I know there has been one of two cases of people who knew their partners were positive and still went ahead to marry them, but how realistic is this? This realization made me to create a “special category” in my matchmaking site, strictly for those who are HIV positive, what this means is that, if you register for that category, the only people you will meet are people who are also positive, no other person in the website can see people in this category.

The idea is to save people, the embarrassment, difficulties, drama and heart ache that always accompany loosing one’s fiance/fiancee at the verge of getting married, just because they are positive.

-Dr. Tolu (CEO Intimate Matchmaking)

The history of matchmaking started as far back as 1600, and it was solely done by parish vicars who usually helped to match their members with those of similar class and faith. In fact, the first dating agency was established in London in 1825 by a church. Genesis 24: 1-9, talked about how Abraham deliberately planned the matching of his son Isaac to those of his lineage. In the days of the Bible, parents are always involved in the choice of partner for their children. There’s nothing unbiblical about matchmaking.

There could be various reasons why no one is talking to you, and there are few things you could do to improve on this:

  1. Update all your details. Your profile details determines whether someone will feel connected to you or not and no one wants to start guessing your details in a matchmaking site. To gain peoples trust and remove the barrier, it will do you a lot of good to update your full details.
  2. Post presentable and attractive profile picture (there’s an article on that on the website)
  3. Make effort to reach out to others well
  4. Participate in activities on the website e.g. be a regular contributor on the blog
  5. Be a little patient, as more people are still registering on the website on a daily basis

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