Terms and Conditions

Intimate match making is distinct and result oriented, that is why this is not just about matching people but getting the best of marriages that can never end in divorce. It is Therefore important that the rules and regulations guiding this services is well understood. We believe the people who are here are those who are seriously in need of a partner and are genuinely ready to settle down.

  1. You cannot talk to more than three people at a time. Our compatibility matching module will automatically take you to a section where you can meet only your compatible matches, So we take the huge burden of surfing the Internet for hours without result off you. Out of your compatible matches, you select only three who meets your desired criteria.
  2. You can only chat with three matches for two weeks. We believe you must have made up your mind after two weeks of meeting your three compatible matches on which of them is  best  compatible to you. You are not allowed to keep chatting with the three for more than two weeks.
  3. Status change. As soon as you make up your mind on which of your compatible matches you want to continue with, your status automatically changed from available to matched.

Using this website means you agree to abide by the rules and regulation of this website.