Feeling rejected? We’ve all been there. Some of us more than others but the great thing about rejection is that there are endless possibilities that you can venture to.

Don’t allow rejection to take over your life without a fight.

The reality of life is that rejection will form a part of it. There will be occasions when your job application, your relationship, or your ideas will be rejected by someone, somewhere.

When you’re hurting, it can can be difficult to see rejection as a part of life and to acknowledge that what really matters is finding a way to bounce back and try again.

Here are five comebacks for rejection that you can use in just about any situation:

“Life Goes On.”

Whether it’s a bad break-up or a job you didn’t land, always remember that life goes on. There will be another relationship, another job, and whatever else you were rejected. Most successful people are successful because they didn’t allow rejection to halt their dreams.

“You deserve better”

While love rejection can be difficult to handle, always remember that your destiny is never tied to someone who walks away from you. Bless those who walk away from you. They are making room for the one who won’t.

A broken heart can always be mended, it just takes time. Remember that.

“God Knows Best”

Even when things don’t happen the way you expect them to, don’t be afraid of taking chances and getting rejected. The bottom line is this…”When God intends it, nothing will prevent it”.

So with that being said, either it was never meant to be or it just wasn’t the right time.

“You Live and Learn.”

When we feel rejected, we trap ourselves in a moment of doubt and distress. But we must learn to see past the fleeting period of pain and acknowledge that there is a higher purpose to not getting what (or whom) we want. That higher purpose is usually revealed in time.
“Sometimes Rejection is God’s Protection”

From this day forward, if you experience rejection, the first question to ask before spiraling down into the dark abyss of confusion, self criticism, and suffering is: How is this rejection protecting me?

God sees what we can’t see and Sometimes Rejection is God’s Protection!